365 Days: This Day (2022)

Watch 365 Days: This Day 2022 Afdah movie full HD free online for streaming without any membership. 365 days is an erotic drama based on the bestseller “365 days”, by Blanka Lipinska , which had a great success, and in which a woman falls into the clutches of a mafia boss who locks her up and gives her a year to fall in love with him. In 365 days: That daythe story picks up where its predecessor left off, with Laura and Massimo returning.

The couple gets married, but Laura is not happy living a restricted life due to the threat of a rival mafia clan that we met in the previous film. Living a sheltered life is not for her, which is why Laura and Massimo start having marital problems as soon as they get married. The couple’s fresh start is complicated by Massimo’s family ties and a mysterious man who bursts into Laura’s life to win her over and gain her trust at any cost. Watch more Afdah Movie HD free online streaming within a click.

365 Days: This Day Movie Overview

Title: 365 Days: This Day (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Drama, Romance
Directors: Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes
Writer: Blanka Lipinska, Tomasz Mandes, Mojca Tirs
Stars: Anna Maria Sieklucka, Anna Maria Sieklucka, Simone Susinna

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