Black Wood (2022)

Tanajsia Slaughter plays Dowanhowee, a Native American lady haunted by her past when a group of cowboys in white masks slaughtered her young family member, who returns as a ghostly presence and spiritual guide. Dowanhowee unwittingly joins the violent, money-hungry Dutch Wilder Gang, lead by the same-named guy, portrayed by Bates Wilder. She kills one of the gang members and reclaims her stolen horse. However, she is quickly captured by the gang and dragged into the mystical Blackwood forest, which is home to the Wendigo, a tortured Native American ghost in this story. Watch more Myflixer Online Movies free streaming within a click.

Black Wood Movie Online Free Streaming

Title: Black Wood (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror, Western
Directors: Chris Canfield
Writer: Chris Canfield
Stars: Bates Wilder, Stelio Savante, Glenn Morshower

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