Dead Zone (2022)

I was hoping for a good film this time around because director Hank Braxtance has worked on films like Compton Snake, Dragon Soldiers, and Jurassic Hunt. While The Dead Zone contains some of the more whimsical Braxton touches found in other films, it is still entertaining to watch.

There’s nothing wrong with that because I was expecting a supernatural thriller, but I saw The Dead Zone on a list of great horror movies and I think I overlooked that aspect because it wasn’t scary at all. We’ve included the Dead Zone trailer at the top of this article to help you decide whether or not to watch this film.¬†Watch more Afdah Movies online streaming free within a click.

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Title: Dead Zone (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Directors: Hank Braxtan
Writer: Jeffrey Giles, Michael Klug, Michael Lurie
Stars: Chad Michael Collins, Jeff Fahey, Tarkan Dospil

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