The Accursed (2022)

Mary Lynn and her daughter Sadie are seen travelling to Ms. Ambrose’s residency in the prologue. Mary Lynn enters the house and takes a seat next to Ms. Ambrose. They discuss making a deal with the Devil, which Ms. Ambrose can do by speaking with the Devil directly. She offers her daughter’s blood in exchange for a special curse being placed on a particular victim. Then she identifies the body that will house the Devil. This is Ms. Ambrose’s body.

Elly is a nurse who volunteers in Haiti in the film’s main plot in order to pay for her nursing education. After her mother passed away, she took a flight home. After the funeral service has already concluded, we meet her. Beth, a close friend, is assisting her in organising the home and invites her to accept a position as a level-four travel advisor, which prevents Elly from departing for Haiti again. Elly thus joins as a nurse to care for the elderly and ill Ms.

Ambrose, who was chosen by her mother before she passed away and recommended by Alma, her estate representative. Beth drives Elly to this remote estate and expresses worry about Elly’s new employer, especially since Alma appears to have hurriedly left the scene after meeting them there. Watch more Afdah2 free online for streaming without any cost.

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Title: The Accursed (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Horror
Directors: Kevin Lewis
Writer: Rob Kennedy
Stars: Sarah Grey, Meg Foster, Sarah Dumont

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